Theory of Negativity

Originating as Peace Corpse, a thrash
metal band based in the rural-industrial
sub-culture of a Maine paper-mill town,
Theory of Negativity took the raw power
of Peace Corpse, and refined it into dark
alternative metal with well-honed edge.
The self-titled album made its way
across the country on rock radio, as the
band played gigs throughout a couple of
harsh New England winters. Even with
the eventual temporary demise of the
live band, the music lived on.

After a 5 year hiatus, drummer Jason
Rowland and guitarist Pat Malia, who've
played together since grade school,
were craving the intensity of the original
Peace Corpse and Theory of Negativity
projects. They approached The Outlook
studio's Ted St.Pierre, who had
produced and engineered their first two
releases, about recording some new
material. Ted stepped in to play bass as
well as recording and producing what
was now just the bare bones of the
original band.

Pat Malia, who wrote the lyrics and sang
or screamed them out on the new tracks,
describes the music by this incarnation
of the band as "nihilistic anti-social-

By the time the cd was complete,
original vocalist Adam Mazza had
returned to play on a track or two, along
with guest keyboardist Rob Gaudet.
The sound was highly developed, and
more massive and angry than ever.

"This is the heaviest thing I've ever
recorded," said Ted. "Pat's vocals
really put it over the top."

Ted St.Pierre talks
about A Dead Area"
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In 1996, the band
talked with reporter
aka Doug Watts for
this peek inside the
workings of Negativity
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