Peace Corpse
The band which later became Theory
of Negativity....the musicians in this
lineup had played together since 1986,
when they were in school together.
"We used to play in Jason's mother's
basement," said singer Adam Mazza.
"It drove her insane. That was before
we cracked the window and blew the
parakeet's eardrum. We were a little
loud for the parakeet, so that was the
end of that."

After a couple of cassette releases in
the early 1990's, "The Ratsugar" was
their first full-length cd. Adam designed
the controversial cover art for the cd,
and also wrote some of the songs in
collaboration with founding guitarist,
Pat Malia. Pat developed the concept
and material for "The Ratsugar" with
drummer, Jason Rowland. The music
is metal, but has a wide range of
influences that include jazz, fusion,
and rap. Their regional live shows
packed in crowds in the day (1993),
and their fan base spread as far as
New Zealand.

T-shirts with the harsh album cover art
have been banned at high schools
around the country. So much for
supporting the arts.....

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