"The Holy Babble"

Readings, samples from
Willie's journal, and
"throwing sound at the
tape deck" collages of
music and hooks and
licks and personal
experiences filtered
through the reality of
Willie Loco Alexander:
one of the great new
beats in the tradition of Kerouac; a 50's rocker
in the tradition of Jerry
Lee Lewis; a 60's
psychedelic; and the
legendary godfather of
Boston punk

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"Private WA"

RARE! RARE AND MUCH QUOTED Readings from Willie's journal, and
instrumental music ahead
of its time. Critically
acclaimed, and treasured
by "Loco" collectors,
includes "Booze Log"
(shave and still look ugly,
have a drink, it's 10:30,
put some make-up on,
go out), "Spitting in the
Black Lake" (WW 10,
we've been invaded again - New Hampshire lost her dispute with Vermont, and
so they burned her down....)
If you love the Loco guy,
this is a MUST HAVE.

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"simply divine" THE TAB

"If you wanna know what the man has
done recently, go for his second
compilation of spoken word of sorts,
another intimate collage of his world
view somewhere between futuristic
Rockand roll and jazzy improvisations
and pure readings. A must." HARTBEAT

"...the best handfull of spoken word
albums he's done, giving free rein to
the side of his muse that's informed by Kerouac rather than Jerry Lee Lewis. Recorded over 11 years, it features
jazz-ish bback-up and includes
Alexander's wry observations on life's
most loaded topics - love, sex, addiction, death, and Elvis." -- Boston Phoenix

"Willie Loco Alexander is a throwback
to the beatniks....But prose poems are
not all that is to be found on this
collection, which spans a decade ... evocative, ambient pieces of urban, environmental sounds and synthesized material suitable for a film noir sound-
track. But the majority of the album is sppoken word:...healthy slices of atmosphere able to be recalled only by someone who has spent four decades on the fringes of the music scene."
--All Music Guide

"Give local artist Willie "Loco"
his due. he has always remained true to his muse even if she sometimes seems to be from another
planet. His new cd is an eccentric delight. Wiillie frequently free-associates over minimal tracks or tosses off poems that
owe as much to Walt Whitman as to Jim Carroll....simply divine." The Tab

"Welcome to a dream. Willie's dream.
Willie Alexander: piano player, jazz drummeer (seriously), raconteur, journal keeper, singer, poet, song stylist,
painter, roving chronicler, raving commentator, not so common tater,
who can rap on from Doll Mountain to
Brick Botton. The man can fashion
poetry from a storm window, and he
doesn't often "wake up on the wrong
side of the beat."

Listening to this album iis like spending
time with a Jackson Pollock. Stare at
a Pollock and images appear: faces,
designs, emotional trigers. Okay,
maybe not at first, but you can tune
into that thing inside your skull to obey
your desire to open up and discover.
Willie paints the sign posts, sometimes painting them right ovver with keyboard washes (after all he often pays homage
to Gloucester) and he will rhythm out
a path that has no distinct destination,
but, hey, the walk is fun"
--the Noise

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