Gridless is a collection
of guitar-based instru-
mentals by Ted
St.Pierre, a recording
engineer, producer,
and musican for over
35 years.

Though this is his first
album, he has
played in many bands
over the years, and is
an accomplished
session musician. On
"Gridless," Ted plays
all the instruments,
with the exception
of flute, on the title

The oldest song on
the album, "Ermine
Tale" was recorded
circa 1987. It opens
the album with vintage
analog synthesizer
sequencers layered
with electric guitars.

The title cut "Gridless"
uses bluesy improvised
acoustic guitar and
alto flute, actually
recorded in a remote
cabin deep in the
Maine woods. Bass,
drums, and additional
acoustic guitar were
added later in the

"Anna Sthesia"
incorporates processed
lap steel guitar to
acheive a dreamy
psychedelic mood.

Other songs "Chills"
and "Up Close" feature
a more Jazzy acoustic
feel with Wes Mongom-
ery style octave voicing.

"Flowing Forward" uses
a wash of pedal steel,
in a non-standard tuning
with electric on top

All together, the album
is a cool blend of jazz,
blues, rock, and new
age instrumentals that
creates an easy

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Check out Ted's studio...
The Outlook
in Bethel, Maine
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Some instruments used on "GRIDLESS"

Chandler Austin Special Baritone

J.B.Player Artist acoustic

Fender Jaguar, Stratocaster,
Telecaster, BassVI,
4 and 5- string Jazz Basses

Danelectro Longhorn Bass

Gibson Hummingbird and Les Paul

Morrell Lap Steel

Sho Bud Ten String Pedal Steel

Fender, Hiwatt, Marshall, and
Orange Amplifiers

Electro Harmonix Memory Man
and Electric Mistress

Rat II

MXR Phase 90

Cry Baby and Vox
Wah Wah Pedals

Dunlop Volume Pedal

DR, D'Addario, GHS, and
Rotosound Strings

Kurzweil K2000

Korg Poly 61

Polyfusion Modular Synthesizer

Sonor Force 2000 Drums

Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals

Thanks to Gibson USA, Bozeman,
Montana, for their excellent service

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