The World is a
Stupid Place

Sonny Probe

Alternating between progressively humorous
spoken word rants, ironic ditties, and downright rebellious rock and roll,
Sonny Probe's perspective
will always shock, surprise,
and spin your view of the world. Includes under-
ground hits from his limited edition cassette releases ..."Rumford Girls" and "Cop Rant", and "National Parx (should be more dangerous.)" The 16-page cd booklet includes ALL the lyrics, and great cartoons by Robbie
Neal. It'll keep you ente-
rtained for hours.
We promise.

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The Man With the
Nothing Gun
Sonny Probe

The second Sonny Probe cd.
A 1960's spy story for the
new millenium. The new
Sonny Probe concept album....punk, industrial, dance, humor, rock, and folk, all with Probe's unique perspective on life and
culture, with a special appearance by Willie Loco Alexander on "Steve MacArthur, recorded LIVE
at The Outlook
Includes "Young Silhouette," "Bubble Coated for Excitement".

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"Think of him as the conscience that's
too disruptive to live inside your head"

"...strange, bitter, sometimes musical
yet always alluring...A True Stories like
semi-documentary about a western Maine town where so-called traditional values
clash daily with the new reality, the one
that makes social Darwinism look like a benign theoretical doctrine."


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