from the archives
circa 1981

Hop in your musical
time capsule, and
set your chronometer
to Boston, mid-late
1970's -- And catch
Peter Dayton in one
of the clubs any
weekend. First with
La Peste, and later
with his solo project.

Now available for the
first time, Peter's solo
recordings. Classic
songs from a legendary
Boston artist. Still fun
and fresh after all these

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"His tunesmanship was infectious
....The deep vocals have a sad,
reflective quality. It is poetic and
lovely.....Dayton shows his
prowess as a lyricist, storyteller
and sonwriter. ....With at least a
decade long gap in hearing these
brilliant tracks I can separate my
inner hypewith the reality.I am so
happy to have this music back for
consumption. The inner hype was
right. The CD is well mastered and
clean sounding allowing the tracks
to sound fresh and updated."
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