In late October, 2005, an
enthusiastic group of
listeners gathered at the
Outlook Studio in Bethel,
Maine for an intimate
evening of live recording
featuring Jewel Clark
and some of her yodeling.
Accompanied by her fre-
quent musical compadre,
Donnie Katlin, Jewel paid tribute to the art she feels
she inherited from her
father, an entertainer
known as Yodeling Slim
Clark, who performed
for over 70 years, singing
traditional cowboy music
and blessing the world with
his extraordinary yodeling.

This recording is the result
of that evening...minimally
edited, hoping to convey
the live aspect as much as
possible. Jewel says that
yodeling is like “laughing
to music”, and she feels
good about producing
songs that often make
people smile.
May it work that way
for you!

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Jewel Clark & Donnie Katlin

Donnie Katlin

Photos by Karen Swanson

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