Singer/songwriter, Jan
Kubiac's debut album
features a soft and
smoky mix of folk and
bossanova. Songs
like "Todavia," take
you on a musical
journey to the Gulf
of Mexico, while
"Big Chunk," with
its full band Instrumen-
tation surprises you
with a pop-edged
beat. The album
includes a 3-song
"Children's Suite," of
music for the young
(or young at heart)
and a "Sleep Suite"
of gentle lullabyes.

The instrumentation
is unusual, and sur-
prisingly pleasing, with
flute and trumpet
playing some lovely
harmonies while
Jan plays acoustic

Several of the songs
were recorded live
in the studio by this
trio of accomplished
musicians, and the
resulting recording
reflects their musical

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"Is it Raining"
"Trumpet Scout"
"Only Mother Nature Knows"
"Big Chunk"
"White Joker"
"Must Be Related"
"Western Maine"

~Children's Suite~
"Allie's Garden"
"Farmer's Song"

~Sleep Suite~
"We Can Sleep"
"Sleepy Sky"
"Sleep Sweet"

Jan Kubiac - Vocals, Guitar

Aly McKnight - Flute on"White Joker"
"Must Be Related" "Kashamia"
"Daisy" "Allie's Garden" 'Farmer's Song"
"Sleepy Sky" "Sleep Sweet"

Mark Tipton - Trumpet on "Trumpet
Scout" "White Joker", "Is It Raining"
"Must Be Related" "Allie's Garden"
"Farmer's Song"

Pat Malia - Drums and guitar on
"Big Chunk"

Ben Mozee - Drum Arrangement on
"Big Chunk"

Ted St.Pierre - Bass on "Big Chunk"
"We Can Sleep"

Conni St.Pierre - Backing Vocals &
Keyboard on "Big Chunk" Celtic Harp
Keyboard, Chimes & Backing Vocal
on "We Can Sleep"

Cover paining: We are All Related
by Conni St.Pierre

Recorded at The Outlook, Bethel, ME
Produced and Engineered by
Ted St.Pierre
Co-Produced by Conni St.Pierre

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