"Broface is Broface"

instrumental music.
The ultimate jam -
these guys knew where
they were goin', and
what they were gonna
do when they got there!
The songs were recorded live as complete performances. With
wide-ranging influences, and an appealing immediacy and
ambience, this collection
of songs is unpredictable, catchy, and a fun listen

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Broface live, 7.11.05
Second cd coming very soon -- check back for details

currently in
production at
The Outlook studio,
watch for them on download sites first
in early 2006
"Broface is not hip hop. Broface is not death metal. Broface is not boring.
Broface is not ambient. Broface is not fusion....Broface is not prearraged says their press release. Broface is not easy
to believe on that count because
Broface does not sound like complete improvisation. But Broface does not lie. Broface is not indie rock. Broface is not
indie anything. Broface is not about
slick PR campaigns. Broface is not going
to take the world by storm. But Broface
is good. Broface is Broface.

All kidding aside, this record
accomplishes something special: It is
a series of jams, straight-up guitar,
bass, and drumss, and it kicks butt.
When I hear the term "jam bannnnd" I generally think: bombast is bombast.
But not Broface. Broface is Broface.
Among the clean, even ambient-like
washes of glistening guitars there
rumbles a drum set and a croaking bass. The technique, as is the case with most
jam bands good and bad, is excellent.
What is amazing is that the writing is
not stupid. Guitar wanking without the wanking. The whole record blends
into one experience."

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