Forest Floor
Instrumental improvisational ensemble, Forest Floor, began with a simple
concept: No Rules. Each of the mem-
bers brought a different set of
influences and talents to the mix, and
a combination of traditional and exotic

Start with a jazz/blues 60's influenced
bassist who also plays guitar, keyboard
and drums. Add two heavy metal
musicians, both guitarists. One in-
fluenced by a wide range of music
from Miles Davis to Prong, the other
interested in everything from
dance/trance to death metal. They
also both play drums, keyboards, and
some exotic instruments. Top if off with
a classically trained keyboardist and
flutist who plays a wide range of wind

Set up a room or stage full of
instruments available to be used at
any time. Forest Floor just jump in with
both feet, and create music, ambience,
and noise art without a net. Sometimes
eerie and dark, sometimes jazzy,
sometimes indefinable, their creations
are inspired and spontaneously exotic.

Forest Floor's music
was featured in the Headwater's Action
Video Collective's film:
"Tree-Sit: The Art of Resistance"

by Earth Films

This documentary film
followed the story of
Jullia Butterfly Hill and
others in their efforts to
save the old-growth
redwood forests of
Northern California.
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"Scrawls from the Unconscious"
"Manifest" (live)

"a shifting, turning world groove exploratory adventure...." LOLLIPOP

"quite a little musical excursion. It's not New Age and it's not world beat, and it's definitely not jazz...."

"Experimental free-form sonic expressionism" FOREST FLOOR
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