Conni St.Pierre

Fusing calm ambience and gentle
melodies, Conni creates music that
takes you out of yourself to another
place and time. Soft, inspiring,
meditative, tranquil. Instrumental
alto flute, keytoards, shakuhachi,
gypsy harp, and native flutes invoke
the mystical forests of Maine.

Conni's music is lovely for yoga,
bodywork, creative pursuits, relaxing
or just dreaming. "These are some of
my favorite things," she says, "they
are very complementary."

"I just play as the spirit moves me,"
she says,"it's not precomposed or predetermined, although I often
go back and "recompose" some things
I have initially improvised, and then
practice them for awhile to get a
feel for the emotion."

On her latest release, Mountain
, much of the album is more vast and ambient than her other works,
reflecting the spaciousness of a high
mountain range. There are moments
of alto flute melody and world drum
rhythm ,but alsopassages where the
simple resonance of the flute or
keyboard creates the entire sound-
scape. Mountain Spirits is the second
in the Nature Spirits series.

Mountain Spirits by Conni St.Pierre cd cover

Click here for a FREE mp3, "Crossing the
Never Summer " from "Mountain Spirits"
the new album available in Fall '09

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Conni St.Pierre
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Live on The Bethel

On August 16th
Conni performed in
front of a live
audience on the Bethel Common. She played her own ambient new age arrangements of popular songs from the 60's to the '00s
Some of these songs
will be released digitally on an upcoming album.

Video Shoot in the Rockies
Conni was in the Rockies, on top of the continent with her alto flute, shooting video to accompany the release of the "Mountain Spirits" album.

Conni St.Pierre

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The Legends Trilogy----

"Beneath the Waves:
Legends of Lost Cities"
"Between the Branches:
Legends of the Wild"
"Beyond the Sky:
Legends of the Starry Night"

The Nature Spirits Series----

"Flower Spirits"
"Mountain Spirits" - NEW!

From "All Media Guide"
- "...wordless poetry and cascading sound.. an exhilarating listening experience"

From "Good Times" -
"...pure artwork through sounds."

From "Wind and Wire" -
"...a truly outstanding electronic/acoustic recording that combines new age melodicism with a strong undercurrent of ambient sensibility..."

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