This fierce, rocking quartet out of
western Maine has been creating
music together since their teenage
years. Their hard-hitting alternative
style hints at influences from Nirvana
and the Foo Fighters to Green Day
and U2. Be forewarned! Their songs
will stick in your head....for days...
weeks....maybe years. They humbly
call themselves a garage band, but
they're a heck of a lot more than that.
Accomplished songwriting, and a
tightly wound assault of sound make
this band a force to be reckoned with.


Born out of a decade
long association, the
three guitarists of
Catatonyc (Jamie
Haynes, Jared Moody,
and Adam Brown)
came together to
form the band in
October of 2003.
Parting ways with
the original drummer
Russ Smith, the guys
settled into a new
groove, with a new
drummer Chad Frisbie.
Throughout the year
2005, Catatonyc
evolved into a tight
knit group, progressing
their style into new
regions of modern
rock. With catchy rock
riffs, unique vocal
pairing and booming
power; Catatonyc
continues to impress
audiences and local
press alike. Look for
a lot more from the
guys in the years to
come. The music never

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