"Beneath the Waves: Legends of Lost Cities"

Ambient, meditational instrumentals on solo flute, shakuhachi, keyboard and chimes
recreate myths of the Lost Cities of Is and Lyonesse. Beautiful, magical, and relaxing -
a musical escape from the stresses of the modern world. Dream, daydream, or focus on
a creative project, and this album can be your inspiration.

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the blue divide review

Conni St.Pierre is no stranger to the world of ambience. She's been on board since 1981, and continues to construct great, underrated ambinet recordings. As a classically trained piano, flute, and vocalist (although this is an instrumental album) she utilizes all of her skills to perform a quiet, yet outdoors-like experience. The listener is engulfed in Conni's mood-setting performance, and left there to decide where to journey to next.... -- Mike Ramirez

Electron (Belgium) review

"The first of three cds by Conni St.Pierre. Maybe not so well known, but she creates some beautiful music in a mix of ambient and new age. It's a smooth album on which you can relax, work in peace. Dreaming of the waves, the figures and legends of the waves. A combination of flute, keyboards and chimes makes this more ambient. Personally I find this album a little too soft, too sweet. It makes you a little sleepy (thus you can listen to this music while trying to sleep.)

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