"Between the Branches: Legends of the Wild"

The second album in the Legends trilogy. Calming, meditative instrumentals on alto flute,
shakuhachi, bass bamboo flute, and keyboards. Reflective music from the heart of the
woodlands, to the will of the mountain. The gentle wildness of a summer breeze on cd.
Like breathing in the forest.

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AMG review

"Between the Branches: Legends of the Wild" by Conni St.Pierre is as peaceful as a mountain stream and captures the soulful quiet of nature on all 16 of the very studied tracks....the playing is superb, and the imagery of the titles helps give shape for the listener's mind to grasp the wordless poetry and cascading sound. "Loon Songs" is stark and solitary with the musings of the artist and less instrumentation...."Between the Branches: Legends of the Wild" is very peaceful music generated by people who understand the balance of life, and it is an exhilarating listening experience." -- Joe Viglione

Electron (Belgium) review

"The second album of this trilogy. In the same style, but better. So again flutes and keybaords combinations. A fully smoothly album, relaxing new age - ambient mix. My favorite tracks are "Summer Forest," "Setting Moon," "Morning Dew." ....
At this moment I will categorize this album under the ambient genre. But the more you listen to this album, the more you find differences in between so the classification of Ambient isn't fully truly. Still it's a beautiful album, but you have to be open minded for other instruments. It also contains some japanese influences and even frogs. As end conclusion, I can say it's a relaxing album.

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