The origins of Broface

After recording the latest release by
Theory of Negativity, "A Dead Area",
the question arose...what to do next?

Theory members Pat Malia, Jason
Rowland and Ted St.Pierre decided to
get together informally and play.
Sticking to a trio format, guitar, bass
and drums, and not concerning them-
selves with arrangements, vocals, or
genre, they played together over a
series of 4 weekends, had a good time,
and made music with no rules other
than to satisfy themselves creatively.
The result is the first Broface album, "Broface is Broface."

Pat, Ted and Jason have known each
other for 15 years, and played together
on many different studio projects and
in live bands.

Broface is all about the moment. Music made
on the spur-of-the-
moment, and in the
moment. Not pre-
conceived, not worked
out and overworked,
but spontaneous,
fresh, and new every
moment. Their music
is improvised, but it's
not just a jam. Broface
is a "jam band" with

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"Broface is Broface" is a breath of fresh air." Good Times

Broface denies categorization and standard critique."

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play a quick sample of:
"Too Downtown to Surf"
"Lesbian Ultrasound"

THE SECOND BROFACE ALBUM is currently in production at The Outlook studio, and should be on all your favorite download sites by early 2006

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